Food & Refectory

Priority is being given to the food catered on campus. Cooks are brought in different parts of the state to provide authentic state-wide cuisine. This avoids monotonous food menus. The menu is changed every month to avoid repetitive food diet that might result in lack of nutrition. No compromise is taken in the hygiene of food preparations and the refectory maintenance.

A UV water purifying system has been installed at all hostel blocks for continuous clean water supply, eliminating germs. Students are encouraged to consume good quantity of water to stay hydrated for a better living. A well equipped bakery and a modern kitchen takes care of all our food requirements.


The school canteen has a variety of snacks and soft drinks for sale. All snacks are pre-checked for expiry dates and the quality is tested before being sold to students. It also sells necessary stationary items that are to be paid for immediately and no credit is allowed.