Mangalam is an energetic and dynamic school/ college committed to quality education, outstanding research and international engagement. At Mangalam we have a versatile faculty bringing in experience from all walks of life. Teachers are selected after a strict selection process. All heads of the department are permitted to function autonomously for the betterment of the students. A watchdog committee constantly checks on their progress and contribution to the students’ society. Failure to do so will result in stringent measures to improve to quality provided.Regular studies and surveys are carried out obtain first hand information fro students about the quality of the service they receive. This assists the management in providing a student friendly and yet effective teaching system.

It is in the hands of a good faculty that children are moulded and shaped properly. At Mangalam much work goes into choosing the right faculty. All teachers are well trained and are put through a stringent testing and training framework to ensure they are creatively able to impart quality education. A strong faculty is integral to the functioning and survival of an educational institution.

Ratio: 1 teacher for 30 students

90 Qualified BT and PG teachers.