Admission Process

At all Mangalam Higher Secondary School we strictly follow merit based and transparent admission policies. In cases of limited seats, first come first served is followed. Our admission staff would guide you through the process and provide all details, verifying your eligibility criteria before being admitted. Should you choose to talk to the academicians, our friendly staff would put you on with the concerned department to answer your questions. After an easy and thorough check the student would have to fill out the application an application form and the admissions office would register you into the respective schools.

We advise that you choose no recommendation channels, as we follow a transparent process and need no external influence to get admitted.

All admission closures strictly adhere to the opening and closing date of the academic year. Generally no admissions are offered in midyear, but after scrutiny if the child meets the requirements they are admitted accordingly.There are no official agents as per the strict policy of the Institutions. No dealers or consultants have obtained official permission to use our name to gain admissions.



  • 1. Obtain Admission form (Download through internet)
  • 2. Fill out the form – All details compulsory
  • 3. Attach necessary documents (Previous progress report if any, Copy of Birth Certificate, Original Transfer Certificate)
  • 4. Submit for verification
  • 5. Interview process
  • 6. Admitted

Admission dates: The admission opens as early as January for the next year until May if seats are available.

Vijayadasami admissions open for KG students in relation with the dates every year.

Generally no admissions are offered in the middle of an academic year, but special cases are considered.

Fees: Admission fees and term deposits are mandatory at the time of admission.