School Profile

Mangalam Matriculation School

Mangalam Matriculation School is a residential school that was founded in the year 2003 -04. In few years since its inception the school has grown to house over 1000 students a year from kinder garden to the 10th grade. Innovation and contemporary techniques of education have paved way and set the foundation for a strong system. Teachers are trained to perform in dynamic situations that suit the child’s needs. A blend of contemporary system and conventional values has helped us grow into the fastest growing school in the district. Children are analyzed individually for unique talents and school programs are developed to garner their true potential.The school uses innovative smart class techniques to provide quality education to children. Parents are constantly kept in the loop of their child’s growth. Constant updates are sent through SMS IVRS and websites. Irrespective of the distance they are at, parents are at the liberty of checking their child’s progress at their own convenience.

Classes are conducted in English medium, for people preferring to retain their local language heritage, they are taught as well. Continuous monitoring and active involvement with the system helps them enhance their values and knowledge for greater good. Passive participation from other fields of interest such as music and other co- curricular activities helps the child venture behind horizons and develop a confident personality for their greater good. Classes: L.K.G - 10th Standard Syllabus: Matriculation Medium: English Hostel: Yes

Mangalam Higher Secondary School

Mangalam Higher Secondary School is located in the vast Mangalam Education campus. Children in this curriculum are taught both in English and Tamil medium. This has a prominent effect on all the students. Personal association with the students allows the teachers to actively be a part of their daily lives.Housing over 2000 children’s in diverse classes from 6th to the 12th grade Mangalam has evolved to be a household name in the Erode district for imparting quality education at affordable rates. No more than 30 are seated in one class, enabling the teachers to focus on each child individually. The school is run with the sole intention of providing quality education to all segments irrespective of their class, caste and creed that separates them in India. Since its initial days we have produced successful students in diverse walks of life.At the forefront of all the syllabuses run in the school Mangalam Higher Secondary School is the most reputed of all11th and 12th grade. Our lead objective is to help students with low marks gain more marks in their public examination whilst creating value beyond marks. Over the last few years Mangalam has achieved 4 State 1st ranks. All students who have achieved this feat from Mangalam, at one point were below par in their grades. Classes: 6th – 12th Standard Syllabus: State Board Medium: Tamil & English Hostel: Yes