At Mangalam we believe that Education is the key to a better & harmonious future. In Education lie all that we are and all that we desire to be. Our perceptions are a combination of thoughts that have influenced us over the years. The current system of Education in India is not on par with some of the developed countries in the world, but simultaneously one must remember that education need not come at a price. Holistic education is just a derivate of passion, clear vision, ideologies, morale, values and belief in being humane. It is what separates the good from the bad whilst striving to reach unattained heights of glory through perseverance and smart thinking. As an organisation, we are the change we seek and we emit hope to those aspiring to be different and contribute for the greater good of the society through education.



To provide holistic education that caters to the mind, body and soul while instilling humane morale and values with a contemporary mindset. In hindsight we would like to create an entity that deliver transformational education. Through this we hope to create leaders and agents of change for the greater good of oneself and the society.



Mangalam Higher Secondary School endeavours to impart comprehensive education to prepare all students for academic, personal and social excellence through a creative but structured educational framework. We untiringly strive towards delivering value that transcends past the cultural difference of the society, in the process catering to all students differently, for they are all unique in their own way. Students are fostered to believe in their dreams and pursue it through a combination of academic knowledge and skills attained through Mangalams’ dynamic educational system. By doing so we also instil a global mindset in our students making them global citizens and empowering them to look beyond the horizon whilst acting as agents of change to create a complete society.


Our Belief

Change is the only constant factor. One should be prepared and aspire change for the better.



தமிழ் – உண்மை உழைப்பு உயர்வு

English – Virtue Labor Victory

Virtue:With strong virtues you have a clear vision and high morale.

Labor: Through perseverance, discipline and dedicated work you would take one step at a time towards your destiny.

Victory: An honest but relentless person is prone to be victorious.